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Israel, Globalism, & the 2nd Coming of Christ
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In "Israel, Globalism, & the 2nd Coming of Christ" Rick gives readers an in depth view of fulfilled Bible prophecy seen in the world today. The book is designed to help the reader in  "Understanding Current World Events in Light of Bible Prophecy" 

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2 Family Devotionals "Got A Moment" Family Devotions (3rd Grade Up)
"God's Creation" Family Devotions (Younger Kids)
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Simple - At Home Apologetics 
(Radio Programs for "Got A Moment" Devotions Available Now On This Site)
Rick's Book on
Biblical Eschatology
Now Available!

In "Rapture First or Rapture Later, And Why It Matters" Rick takes the reader through a biblical study of biblical eschatology to answer pressing questions in believer's minds today!

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“Local Church Apologetics” was established to help the local church with incorporating apologetics into their ongoing ministries.

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"Faith & Reason Discipleship"

(32 Discipleship Lessons)

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Faith & Reason Made Simple Video Series


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