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  Rick's Latest Book is Now Available! 

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"Faith & Reason Discipleship" is a book of 32 Discipleship Lesson designed to help believers grow in their faith and then help others grow in their faith. Jesus established the principle of discipleship and called us to make disciples. See the sample chapter PDF below and the downloadable Scripture Memorization Cards PDF
Memory Cards
Sample Lesson 
(Part 1 - Lesson 6)
Front Cover.jpg

Teaching Resources Here

To Assist You in Teaching the Lessons in Faith & Reason Discipleship

We Have Provided PDF Copies of Lessons With Suggested Answers

and Video Overviews of Each Lesson by Rick. Click the Button Below to Access These Free Resources

Scriptures For Each Lesson Here

To Assist You As You Go Through Each of the 32 Lessons of Faith & Reason Discipleship We Have Provided PDF Files Showing the Scriptures for Each Lesson. You Can Access These For Free To Save You Time in Looking Up Each Scripture Reference

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