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Recently I have had the privilege of speaking at an event called the “Truth Conference” that was organized by Rick McGough, who after more than 34 years of pastoral ministry has dedicated the remainder of his life and ministry to the area of apologetics. Rick sees the need to equip and involve the local church in the cultural battle that is taking place today in America. His passion for apologetics and the Lord’s church is obvious. The “Truth Conference” was well organized and very purposeful. I highly recommend Rick to you as speaker, author and/or an individual who can help you understand better the need for apologetics today, as well as how to equip believers in defending their faith in simple, outlined ways.

Josh McDowell (Author – “More Than a Carpenter” & “Evidence That Demands a Verdict)

Rick McGough is perfectly suited to help churches understand the importance of Christian Case-Making. His experience as a pastor, apologist and conference organizer has given him key insight. Rick’s "Truth Conferences" and follow-up seminars will expose church leaders to apologetics resources, and his plan to develop resources tailored for the local Church is essential. It’s my prayer that Rick’s influence grows as he prepares the Church for the next generation of challenges.

J. Warner Wallace
(Cold-Case Detective, Christian Case Maker, & author of Cold-Case Christianity & God’s Crime Scene)         

"After speaking with Rick on a number of occasions it is clear to see that the Lord has birthed a vision in his heart to respond to the need within our culture today. After pastoring one of our Assemblies of God churches for 34 years, he has stepped down from that role to devote the remainder of his ministry years to pursuing a full time ministry related to apologetics. Rick sees the need for churches and believers to become better equipped to defend and share the Christian faith within a difficult, increasingly secular world. He has worked diligently to simplify the complex issues of apologetics in order to assist church leaders and believers of all ages. I recommend him to you."

Dr. James Bradford (General Secretary of the Assemblies of God)

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