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Rick's Latest Book!
Israel, Globalism & the 2nd Coming of Christ
Now Available!

How does the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, the establishment of the modern State of Israel, the controversies over the city of Jerusalem, the Great Reset and the move toward Globalism, the movement toward Programmable Digital Currencies, ESG Scores, COVID-19 policies and responses, current developments in America, preparations for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, the increase of lawlessness, the rise of false christs an false prophets, predictions for the world in 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, waves of Revival, and many other modern developments fit with how end time Bible prophecies describe the world in the days leading up to the 2nd coming of Christ? Rick McGough deals with these questions and other similar issues in "Israel, Globalism and the 2nd Coming of Christ". In addition, this book deals with the questions of "What are God's plans for the last days?" and "How should Christians respond and live in the last days?" This book will help inform and inspire Christian readers and will help non-Christian readers understand and consider what the Bible has to say about the things happening in the world we live in today.

                             (Paperback - 402 Pages)

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