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     God has called us to establish “Local Church Apologetics” to help equip the body of Christ to better understand how to defend their faith. (see the “vision statement” tab under the “about us” tab for details). After 34 years of pastoring in Moline, Illinois my wife Val and I have stepped out in faith to follow this calling. We have a fourfold approach to fulfilling this calling – (1) Traveling and speaking in churches, schools, conferences, etc. (2) Writing books & producing other equipping materials (Currently we are finishing our first book – “Faith & Reason Made Simple”) (3) Coordinating “Truth Conferences” in various areas across the nation (4) Building this web site (in its future form) to be stocked with everything a local church would need to bring apologetics to every age group in their church.

     To accomplish all that the Lord has called us to accomplish we need other believers to partner with us. If you feel as though the Lord is calling you to help us in this mission your prayer support and your financial donations will be very helpful and very much appreciated! To donate today you can click on the “donate” link here and follow the instructions. Thank you so much and God bless you!

      If you would like to subscribe to occasional ministry updates please click on the “ministry updates” link.

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