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The Faith & Reason Discipleship Manual is a collection of 32 Biblical lessons designed to lead the user into a learning experience by directing them to passages of Scripture to find answers to key questions about the Christian faith and about Christian living. Lessons on apologetics are included but the majority of the book covers basic Christian principles for life. The manual is designed for use by individuals or small groups. Ideally, the lessons are learned and then taught to others assisting in the process of making disciples which Jesus commanded. Scripture memorization is a part of the learning process and memorization cards are included in the book. The cards can also be downloaded and printed out on the "Faith & Reason Discipleship" page found under the Resource tab in this web site. Most of the lessons found in the manual were developed by Rick McGough many years ago while he was pastoring a church and have been used to lead many through discipleship over the years. Short tutorial video clips for each lesson are being produced and should be available on this web site by 2021 on the "Faith & Reason Discipleship" page under the Resource tab.

Faith & Reason Discipleship Manual

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